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Diversity (german Vielfalt) is a devious political slogan, which serves the political nebulization.


Quote: «There is no diversity in XX.»
Quote: «"Diversity ... means non-whites," said Stefan Molyneux recently, addressing a buzzword[wp] repeatedly used by leftists as a euphemism[wp] to subvert meritocracy[wp] in favor of racial, ethnic, and other non-merit based quotas.

Molyneux made the comments during a July 8 episode of his YouTube show entitled, "The Death of Canada. Prepare Yourselves Accordingly.":

"Nobody says, 'We're bringing a lot of white people from Belgium, that adds to our diversity,' or, 'We're bringing in a lot of people from Poland, that adds [to our diversity].' It always and forever means non-whites. That's what 'diversity' means. I'm not trying to do anything other than be very frank about what the word actually means [when used by leftists]."

Molyneux highlighted Europe's diversity - linguistically, culturally, ethnically, and otherwise - as an example of legitimate diversity ignored by the Left to push for demographic shifts via contemporary immigration policies:

"Europe is incredibly diverse. And what does everyone say? 'Europe needs diversity.' Well, what does that mean? It means Europe needs non-whites. That's all it means. 'Diversity' means non-whites, generally, displacing whites."»[1][2]


  1. Molyneux: Diversity Means Non-Whites, DailyWire on July 18, 2017 (A Cloaked Euphemism For Displacement Of Whites By Non-Whites)
  2. Youtube-link-icon.svg The Death of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. - Stefan Molyneux (July 8, 2017) (Size: 42:36 min.) (Canada)

External links

  1. White Rabbit Radio originally produced the thought provoking video Anti Racist Hitler which put direct quotations from Barbara Specter[wp], a Jewish advocate for European multiculturalism, in Hitler's mouth as he advocates multiculturalism for Israel. This version combines most of the White Rabbit video with Specter's actual interview, adding greater punch to the message. It has even more relevance now with the current wave of Syrian refugees arriving in Europe, fleeing the war that the US and Israel are using to destroy their country.