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Information icon.svg For the first time in 80 years, German tanks will roll against Russia.

Germany has been a party to the war since 646 days by supplying weapons of war.

German Foreign Minster Annalena Baerbock: "We are fighting a war against Russia" (January 25, 2023)


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The phalanx of the do-gooders: "Whoever does not want to be like me ... is evil and to be demonized ... best as a Nazi ... because what is good, I alone know!"   © Götz Wiedenroth[1]
How "Social Justice" works
White Nationalist: "I think all black men are rapists."
Crowd: "Boo!" - "Racist!" - "Nazi!" - "Bigot!"
Black Feminists: "I think all men are rapists."
Crowd: "This is female empowerment" - "Saying otherwise is derailing!" - "Bravo!"
Tom Gauld - Good and Evil simply explained