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Götz Wiedenroth

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Wiedenroth's self-portrait
Born 1965
Occupation artist
URL wiedenroth-karikatur.de

Götz Wiedenroth (* 1965 in Bremen) is a German caricaturist who often attacks taboo topics like feminism, greedy female divorcees and such in his works. Since 1995, he works in Flensburg as a freelance caricaturist, cartoonist, illustrator and graphic artist.

Many of his caricatures are published in both German and English, or get an English explanation text at least. Some are even translated to other languages.


Wiedenroth is a certified businessman. His first caricatures were published in 1989.

The passionate artist who started drawing in his youth was commended for his caricatures in 1997 and 2001.

Wiedenroth's caricatures were published in various daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and the German news site of Yahoo!.

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