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Estrela report

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Demonstration in Strasbourg on 9 December 2013

The Estrela report represents the initiative of the Portuguese MEPs Edite Estrela in December 2013, had a Europe-wide sex education lessons in a "safe, taboos and interactive atmosphere between students and teachers" required. In addition, the report for the EU-wide legalization of put abortion as a human right.[1]


  1. Roadmap gegen Homophobie: EU-Parlament segnet Lunacek-Bericht ab, Junge Freiheit on 4 February 2014 (Roadmap against homophobia: EU Parliament blessing from Lunacek report)

See also

  • Estrela report (Edite Estrela failed twice in trying to raise the abortion to a woman right.)
  • Lunacek report (Ulrike Lunacek intends to establish special privileges for homosexuals, where homosexual associations de facto right of veto at EU legislative processes.)

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