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Generation Snowflake

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Generation Snowflake is a derisive term that can be synonymous with both Millennials[wp] or Generation Z[wp]. Bryony Gordon writes that "the defining characteristic of this supposedly tolerant generation is to not tolerate those they don't agree with. Block them. No platform them. Create a petition to ban them. I disapprove of what you say, and I will defend to the death my right to not hear you say it!"[1]

Claire Fox, however, notes:

Quote: «But it isn't just today's students, parodied as "Generation Snowflake" who seem to have become thin-skinned. The world of grown-up politics also seems mired in the offence wars. As an anti-racist, I have become uncomfortable with the promiscuous use of name-calling - you're anti-Semitic, that's islamophobic - as a way of closing down debate. We should hold each other to account for unpalatable political views, but that requires open debate.»[2]

Quote: «Our nation's snowflakes are being cared for by colleges and universities across the country. These schools - no, HEROES - are financially supporting cry-ins, hot chocolate, bubbles, kittens, puppies and ponies, crayons, and Play-Doh to comfort these wounded snowflakes. Some schools even canceled exams and classes to ensure that America's youth are treated with extra care and understanding during these difficult times.

But clearly, state funding - tax-payer dollars - are simply not enough.

State budgets cannot be expected to bear this burden alone. It's going to take a far more sustainable funding source to ensure special snowflakes have the emotional support they need. In response, we here at the Media Research Center have launched the "Save the Snowflakes" project to respond to this emergency and bring crucial attention to this devastating human crisis.

The media may not choose to expose this atrocity, but the Media Research Center, through our Save the Snowflakes initiative, is doing much more - we're taking action! We won't rest until we save each and every special snowflake from the horrors of exposure to … things they simply do not agree with.

This is only the beginning! Please make sure to check this site often for vital MRC updates of how our country is coddling the melting snowflakes of American youth!» - Save The Snowflakes[3]


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