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International Council on Shared Parenting

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International Council on Shared Parenting
Logo-ICSP slogan en.png
Description Website
Available language(s) English
Launched 2013
Current status active
More info
Owner Edward Kruk

International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP) The president is Edward Kruk. ICSP's seat is in Bonn, Germany.

Quote: «The name of the association is "Internationaler Rat für die Paritätische Doppelresidenz". It shall be registered in the register of associations under German law and will then carry the addition "e.V." ["eingetragener Verein" - "registered association"]. The registered office of the association is located in Bonn.

The name of the association in English is "International Council on Shared Parenting", in short "ICSP".» - Statute Article 1

Quote: «In 2013, a group of international shared parenting experts gathered to set up an "International Platform on Shared Parenting" under "" as an informal organization without legal identity and without a registered office. Shared parenting means equivalent, alternating care of children whose parents are living apart.

In order to keep abreast with increasing dynamics and to spur further developments in the field of shared parenting worldwide, it was decided to form an association with legal identity and a registered office: the International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP). This new association consists of individuals and (as soon as practicable) organizations from science, family professions and civil society who are actively contributing to the purpose of the association.

According to its by-laws, the purpose of ICSP is:

  1. to disseminate and advance scientific knowledge on the needs and rights ("best interests") of children whose parents are living apart, and
  2. to formulate evidence-based recommendations about the legal, judicial and practical implementation of shared parenting.»[1]


  1. ICSP, (english)

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