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There is now a K to add to the ever-growing LGBT+ acronym - and apparently, it stands for "kink"[wp]. The acronym which has grown since the 90s, out of a need to move away from the limiting "gay community" adds letters to encompass any community that defines itself as anything but heterosexual or cisgender.

The LGBT initialism was coined in the late 80s / early 90s.

So what do all the letters mean?

L – lesbian
G – gay
B – bisexual
T – transgender
Q – queer
Q – questioning
I – intersex
A – asexual
A – agender
A – ally
C – curious
P – pansexual
P – polysexual
F – friends and family
2 – two-spirit
K – kink[wp]
However, the addition of the K has been met with some reservation from many on the question website, Quora. Users were quick to dismiss Kink as part of the LGBT+ community.
- thegayuk.com[1]


  1. thegayuk.com: here is now a K in LGBTQQICAPF2K+, 23rd January 2018

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