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MOGiS e.V.

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In the German association MOGiS e.V. victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and sexualized violence have joined together to give their interests a voice.

The working group Affected by circumcision in MOGiS e.V. has a dedicated website.[1]

The chairman of the board of directors of MOGiS e.V., Christian Bahls, is a German Intactivist who also gave a speech on the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy in 2015. He rises his voice very early in the debate on circumcision[iw] in 2012.[2]

MOGiS e.V. - A Voice for Affected Ones

Quote: «"MOGiS e.V. - A Voice for Affected Ones" bases on an Initiative of Abuse Victims Against Internet Locks in 2009 - they successfully stopped the installation of internet locks in Germany in 2009, with many other activists.

In 2010 and 2011, MOGiS e.V. has advocated that Internet censorship must not be implemented as a mandatory part of a European Directive on Child Protection; they also engaged for the support for and the rights of victims of crimes against sexual self-determination.

In 2011, two members of MOGiS e.V. were part of the Round Table for the processing of child sexual abuse in Germany.

MOGiS e.V. engages in the context of the issues of child protection, children's rights and victim assistance. They try to bring the protection and enforcement of fundamental and civil rights as an important aspect of their work.

Accordingly MOGiS e.V. contributes to discussion processes, such as the CEO coalition to make the Internet a better place for kids (in German).

Since 2012, even those affected by interventions in the physical integrity (aka. circumcision) have found a starting point at MOGiS e.V.

Today, MOGiS e.V. basically sees themselves being "A Voice For Affected Ones", speaking for childen who suffer from interventions in their physical integrity and sexual self-determination.»[3]



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