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Mark Brooks

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Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks.jpg
Born 1970
URL mankind.org.uk
Twitter @belvederebrooks

Mark Brooks is an equalities campaigner, chair of the ManKind Initiative, ambassador for International Men's Day (UK) and co-founder of the Men and Boys Coalition.


Communications, Public Relations and Public Policy specialist.


Mark Brooks is an equalities campaigner focussing on the barriers preventing men and boys from leading rewarding lives, reaching their potential and making a full contribution to society. His focus is on public policy, campaigning and communications.

He has been trustee chair of the ManKind Initiative, a charity supporting male victims of domestic abuse in the United Kingdom. During his time with the charity, he created the concept behind the award-winning #violenceisviolence viral video which was a global success and regularly appears in the media. This includes BBC Radio 2, 4 and 5, BBC News, Sky News and a range of national newspapers including the Daily Telegraph[1] and Daily Mail.[2] He regularly speaks at conferences on the issue of domestic abuse.

He is an ambassador for International Men's Day in the UK including running the website and is a co-founder of the Men and Boys Coalition which launched in November 2016.

He has stood for the UK Parliament twice for the Conservative Party and has been a councillor in the London Borough of Bexley where he represented the borough on the represented the borough on the Equalities Committee on the London Councils organisation.

He was the first commentator to publicly call for a Minister for Men in 2009[3] (there has been a Minister for Women in the UK since 1997) and has called for political action on men and boys' issues in a lecture at University College London. He has also writes on campaigning tactics on men and boys' issues.[4]


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