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Pro Male Collective

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The Pro Male Collective consists of ten YouTubers who create content and do activism together. They organize on Discord[wp] and try to take down misandrist subreddits, as well as work on their subreddit[1], their blog[2], and their wiki.[3]


The Pro Male Collective was founded by Analyzing Male Slavery and Male Sentient Void. They both started out on Youtube, but now mainly create content elsewhere.


They against the left and the right wing, and are against marxism, but lean left slightly. The consider words like 'cuck', 'soyboy' etc to be anti-male status shaming. They also are vehemently against traditional conservatism and feminism.


The members consist of Analyzing Male Slavery, Trevor Cormier, Pro Male Vanguard, Pro Male Awakening, Save The Babies From Knife rape (circumcision), Pro Male Vanguard, Pro Male Vendetta, RazorGayKandy, and Pro Male Empathy. They each have their own YouTube channels, and some use their real voices.


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