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Roy Larner

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Roy Larner
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Born 1969/1970 (age 50–51)
Roy Larner was taken to the hospital seriously injured by machetes and is now out of danger.

Roy Larner is a fan of London football club Millwall F.C.[wp] and has beaten himself. On the island, that's really no special news. The followers of Millwall have the reputation of liking to strike. At best they are admired in films like hooligans[wp]. But with Larner, that is different: The forty-seven-year-old is celebrated for his willingness to fight as "Lion of London Bridge" throughout the country - because he courageously opposed the Islamist aggressors during the assassination in the capital when they stormed into a pub on Borough Market[wp] at the weekend.

Larner was sitting at the beer. He told the "Mirror" that the assassins screamed "This is for Allah" and "Islam". The football fan responded with "Fuck you, I'm Millwall!" Strengthened by four or five pints, he took up the fight - allowing the other guests to flee from the attackers.

Larner, who is currently dormant, put in a lot, but was able to drive the Islamists out of the pub. There they were shot by the police. The assassins hit Larner eight times with their machetes. He was operated but gave interviews. His admirers want him to be awarded the George Cross[wp].[1]

Political correctness

Even at Millwall proliferates the political correctness. Instead of celebrating Roy Larner as a hero, he was committed to a "Racism Awareness Course":

Roy Larner will be guest of honour at his beloved Millwall as he continues his recovery after confronting three terrorists
© Darren Fletcher - The Sun
Roy Larner has been back at Borough Market - two months after his heroism there
© Darren Fletcher - The Sun
Roy Larner became a hero across the country after he stood up to terrorists
© Darren Fletcher - The Sun
Tributes and praise poured in for Millwall supporter Roy Larner but he had a to apologise after a video emerged of him allegedly racially abusing another man
© Darren Fletcher - The Sun
Roy Larner will be hailed by his Lions heroes but will do racism awareness course
© Darren Fletcher - The Sun

Honour for London Lion: Millwall will honour 'Lion of London Bridge' Roy Larner - after he agrees to attend a racism awareness course

Lions fan was hero for confronting terrorists, telling them: "F*** you, I'm Millwall" - but got in trouble for alleged racist abuse

MILLWALL will honour 'Lion of London Bridge' Roy Larner - after he agreed to sit a racism awareness workshop.

The Lions fan was hailed as a national hero after he bravely fought off terrorists during the Borough Market attack in June[ext], telling them: "F*** you, I'm Millwall."

But he made headlines for the wrong reason a few weeks later when an old clip of him allegedly racially abusing a black photographer appeared online[ext].

Larner apologised, saying it was in the heat of the moment after the snapper had upset his dogs.

And he agreed to attend an anti-discrimination course run by the Lions.

He will now be a VIP guest at their home clash against Bolton tomorrow, along with three other Millwall fans also directly affected by the atrocity, which claimed eight lives.

Millwall CEO Steve Kavanagh said: "We know how special an occasion it will be for the four supporters to come to Saturday's game as VIP guests.

Roy knows his comments were unacceptable. He apologised and expressed a desire to attend a workshop that the club is arranging for him.

"This club has led on anti-discrimination initiatives."

The four fans will go on the pitch before kick-off for a presentation from Lions chairman John Berylson.

Alison Gurden, who represents Larner, said: "It is time for Roy to be allowed to focus on making sure he is able to recover from the incident."

Football fans return stolen Millwall plaque in honour of London Bridge terror hero Roy Larner.
- The Sun[2]


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