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Self-Study Guide (UK)

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Self-Study Guide (UK) ...

Self-Study Guide to the Men's Human Rights Movement (Primarily for the UK)

This is the contents page for people wishing to pursue a structured self-study course on the Men's rights movement (MRM), or the Men's Human Rights Movement (MHRM). The course draws on material here on WikiMANNia and elsewhere, much of which has been compiled specifically for this purpose.

This is currently a trial only

The material is organised in five Parts,

  1. The disadvantages faced by men and boys,
  2. Feminism and its political environment.
  3. The psychological destruction of males
  4. The fight-back
  5. Case studies

Links to each of the five Parts are given below,

  • Self-Study Guide Part 1 lays out the multiplicity of disadvantages suffered by men and boys in the UK. Most people are still incredulous that there is any male disadvantage, because the societal prejudice is that males are privileged. But substantial male disadvantage is widespread.
  • Self-Study Guide Part 2 explains the nature of feminism and also why the MHRM is necessarily anti-feminist. It explains the key distinction between feminism and gynocentrism. Feminism was not the primary cause of male disadvantage; gynocentrism was. Feminism has, however, exploited the existing gynocentric orientation of society and has opposed measures to alleviate male disadvantage, through its theory, its practice, and its spreading of misandry. Feminism is The Establishment.
  • Self-Study Guide Part 3 exposes the chillingly nasty nature of the feminist attack on males. We discover that there is an ongoing battle for men's souls of which most men are completely unaware.
  • Self-Study Guide Part 4 presents the fight-back of which this site forms part.
  • Self-Study Guide Part 5 recounts a number of case studies. Some involve men who have been abominably treated whilst others are examples of successful fight-backs.