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Sperm jacking

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Sperm! - My body, My choice!

Sperm jacking is a term used to define the involuntary collection of a man's sperm, generally comitted by females who desire to have a child with a male with no such ...

A sperm jacker is a female whom steals sperm from a genetically superior and unsuspecting male victim in order to produce an offspring to improve ones family genes.

Quote: «SpermJacking

The act of reaching into a garbage can to secretly extract the sperm from a discarded condom in an attempt to fertilize herself and extort 216 monthly payments from an otherwise responsibly-behaved man. All without his knowledge or consent.

Guard your sperm like Fort Knox. There are no limits to what stunts a woman will pull with it.

Tom Leykis warns against sperm-jacking by recommending placing hot habanero sauce in the condom before discarding it to kill the sperm. This way, a slippery bitch will burn her own cooch instead of you. At least 4 cases are known where the woman attempted to bring charges against the man, but all were dropped because the condom (and sperm) were “his property”. One man received a settlement of $300K and phoned it in.» - MGTOW Glossary[1]


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