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Information icon.svg For the first time in 80 years, German tanks will roll against Russia.

Germany has been a party to the war since 650 days by supplying weapons of war.

German Foreign Minster Annalena Baerbock: "We are fighting a war against Russia" (January 25, 2023)


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  1. Traditionalist JudgyBitch (Director of Media for AVfM) tells us why women should "suffer" to allow a few men to die at the hands of murderous bitches: because it's a small "price" for "compassionate" women to pay in exchange for male protection in return. - Janet Bloomfield: Newlywed woman kills her husband after 8 days of marriage by shoving him off a cliff from behind, and still only gets a second degree murder charge. Because she totally didn't mean to kill him, right? Lots of people survive being shoved off cliffs., JudgyBitch on September 11, 2011