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wikiFactor (wF) measures the impact of a wiki site, the wikiFactor, which is based on the popular Template:Wh-index, used for research citations. Details are given in the paper "wikiFactor: a measure of the importance of a wiki site". It is simple to calculate; first one goes to the Special:Popularpages page (for MediaWikis[wp]), then the wikiFactor is the number of pages, wF, that has had more than 1000 wF visits.

For example, the wikiFactor of WikiIndex is 20, i.e., page 20 in the list has had more than 20,000 visits, whereas page 21 has not yet reached 21,000 visits.[1]

A wikiFactor is a measure of the 'popularity' of a wiki website. It is based on the Hirsch h-index[wp] which is commonly used to measure the impact a scientist has had in the literature.[2]

The wikiFactor is simply the number of pages in the wiki (wF) that have had more than 1000 times wF visits.

For example a wikiFactor (wF) of, say, 20 - means that page number 20 in the ranking of pages visited has received 20,000 or more visits, whereas page 21 has not yet reached 21,000 visits.

The WikiIndex site uses the wikiFactor as one of the measures for classifying the importance of a Wiki.[3]

wikiFactor, a mathematical way of comparing wiki popularity that is used on WikiIndex.[4]


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