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Description Website
Available language(s) English
Launched 2006
Current status active
More info
Owner N. N.
Created by Ray King[ext], John Stanton[ext]
URL wikiindex.org

WikiIndex is a web project that has set itself the task to detect Wiki projects with their core data. It covers, among other things, the logo, the start date, the contacts page, the license, the number of articles, the wikiFactor[wp] and an indication of whether the project is active, dormant or dead.

WikiIndex.com was created by Ray King[ext] and John Stanton[ext] in June 2005 as a way to track the wiki sites they thought had value for them (which was approximately 60).

At the WikiSym conference in San Diego in October 2005, Ray and John joined forces with MarkDilley who had a much more comprehensive alphabetical wiki list of over 1000 wikis, called SwitchWiki. Mark had worked on SwitchWiki with others since 2003, and documented the ideas at MeatballWiki:OneBigWiki and WikiNodes Wiki:ProgressionofWikiOrganization

The three took the decision to join efforts together. The resulting wiki was to be more comprehensive and take full advantage of wiki technology. John converted and expanded the data from both sites and built out the original set of wikis in January of 2006. Throughout 2006 a community formed around WikiIndex and greatly expanded the number of wikis and improved the original format. By November 2006 the article count was at 3,195 and WikiIndex had become the authoritative source for information about Wiki sites.

WikiIndex dedicated volunteers include the following who have sysop status: Ray King, Mark Dilley, John Stanton, Ted Ernst, David Cary, Mattis Manzel and Sean Fennel. Many, many others have contributed significantly to WikiIndex in all kinds of capacities.
- WikiIndex[1]
WikiIndex is a wiki project created to document all the wikis on the internet, and some that are not on the internet. It has about 20.000 pages, indicating that it's fairly successful, but many of these pages are about long dead wikis that ran on ancient software back in 2004.

Several articles, such as its page on Conservapedia, have been subject to edit warring. The most notable occurrence of this was in September 2009 when one of the admins abused her sysop abilities to prevent others from correcting factual errors she inserted into articles. The response to this incident was angry vandalism and much angry debating.

In the years since then, WikiIndex has been fairly boring, with nothing really happening on the site.
- RationalWiki[2]


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