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Arm to Leg Tie

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A 101 guide on how to bind yourself and survive

  1. Prepare two coils of rope, belts, nylons or what ever and place them just above the knees.
  2. Tie the arches securly and attach the special ring device and cinch noose.
  3. Apply a gag.
  4. Force your arms through the knee coils. The coils should be snug but NOT tight.
  5. Now it gets a little tricky. Grasp the cinch noose and slide it over one forearm. Now place one hand in the wrist coil and then place the other hand in from the other side as well. If your forearms are side by side, the wrist coil should form a figure eight and be tight against your wrists.
  6. Slide the cinch noose from your forearm over your hand between your wrists. Now - as far as you can - pull the cinch rope away from your wrists with one hand, while pushing the coil of the hangman's noose towards your wrists with the other hand.
  7. Draw your wrists and ankles together by pulling the "pull cord" of the ring device.
  8. Be careful not to hurt yourself when you tip over!
  9. If you are applying the bondage to a favorite victim add a blindfold for complete helplessness.

These images orginally appeared in a magazine called Bondage Life.

Thanks to Lillian's Nexus for these pages.

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