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Super Hog Tie

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A 101 guide on how to bind yourself and survive

Tie yourself in sequence...

Super Hogtie.png

Create your wrist coil (1) first. It must be just loose enough to slip one hand in at a time. Then prepare the cinch rope (2) that would run from the double rings (3) at your ankles (5) to the wrist coil (1). Make a nice tight hangman's noose at the end of a 6 foot length of cord. (see cinch noose)

Make sure that you have a sharp knife handy to cut the cinch rope, maybe a back up knife too! (A knife tied with cord to the ankle rope would enable the bound person to retrieve the knife by pulling on the cord).

Tie rope around your feet (4) to keep them together, then tie enough rope around your ankles (5) and with the final knots, tie two small metal rings (3) to your ankles (5). Then thread the cinch rope (2) with the noose through the metal rings.

#1 3/4 Inch Heavy Duty Metal Rings – #2 Pull cord – #3 Draw cord – #4 to Cinch Noose

Now tie rope below (6) and above (7) your knees, cinching the rope to make it tighter.

An option at this point it to add a crotch rope for your personal delight.

The gag at (8) should be a simple between the teeth gag do that it won't restrict breathing.

The body-arm coil at (9) is prepared in advance. Pretie a coil of 4, 6, or 8 loops so that it is a struggle to get it over your head and down over your arms. It should be pretty snug. Have the loops below your boobs will hold it in place.

Grab the wrist coil (1) and place one hand inside, thread it through the cinch noose (2) and then place your other hand in the coil, you can do this by laying on your side or on your front, you can get your wrists into the wrist coil and cinch noose. Then draw your wrists and ankles together by pulling the "pull cord" of the special ring device.

Grasp the cinch noose (2) and slide it over one forearm. Now place one hand in the wrist coil (1) and then place the other hand in from the other side as well. If you now stretch your arms straight and your forearms are side by side, the wrist coil should form a figure eight and be tight against your wrists. Now slide the cinch noose from your forearm over your hand between your wrists. Now - as far as you can - pull the cinch rope away from your wrists with one hand, while pushing the coil of the hangman's noose towards your wrists with the other hand. You can do all this by laying on your side or on your front. Finally, draw your wrists and ankles together by pulling the "pull cord" of the special ring device.

Make the cinch noose large enough so you can slide it over your forearm. Do so that you can get both hands into the wrist coil first without getting tangled in the loops of the cinch noose. Not until both hands are inside the wrist coil and it forms a figure eight, the cinch noose can be easily slid into place between the wrists. To make the cinch noose close even more securely, don't just put your arm through the noose, but wrap an additional coil around your arm. This extra loop will immediately hold the wrist coil together, while the coil of the hangman's noose will still stick out a bit from the wrists and only tighten later - more or less tightly.

(This hogtie can be augmented using two additional cinch nooses on the body-arm coil. These are placed under each arm pit between the arms and the chest.)

CAUTION: Don't pull the cinch noose too tight as you may loose circulation in your hands and may not be able to cut yourself loose. As with all self-bondage care must be taken, practise and if in doubt don't do it unless you have safety back up person available. Play safe & live to play another day.

See the story Selfbondage Workout for a demonstration of how the Super Hog-tie is used.

These images orginally appeared in a magazine called Bondage Life.

Thanks to Lillian's Nexus for these pages.

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