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Critical men's studies

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Critical men's studies is ideological as well as pseudo-science Women's studies and Gender studies.

Research was due to the scarcity of employment of women in universities to have research mostly by men (androcentrism) in the middle of the twentieth century into it, because almost only men took part in it. In contrast to male-dominated science itself was in the 1980s, the emerging research on men and masculinities the name Critical men's studies.

Critical men's studies is largely a feminist in approach. It serves to question existing gender roles and shares key concepts, in which feminist approaches to gender research are justified, and further developed for their own purposes.

Critical men's studies is just as genderism less scientific than political goals.

Critical researchers men

One of the protagonists, the social researcher Robert Connell. He dealt so intensively with the feminist theory that he castrated himself and finally his penis (the instrument of oppression which he had begun to hate so much) simply sections. Since then, he feels as a woman and called her first name Raewyn. This guy right next to Thomas Gesterkamp occurred is no surprise. The two fit together well.

Of course, belongs to someone who is so emotionally balanced and at peace with his family as Connell, of the leading protagonists of the run by feminists and their poodles' "critical men's studies". The slogan coined by him "hegemonic masculinity" is, for example, quoted in numerous articles. (The word 'hegemony' Connell took over from the Marxist Antonio Gramsci[wp].) From such types can be feminists (for example, in Graz[1] explain) about masculinity ... Professor Gerhard Amendt and other professionals who still have all my marbles are probably not correct feminist enough.[2]

Profeministic principles of Men's Studies

Jeff Hearn[wp] developed in 1987 in the magazine of the British men's movement "Achilles Heel" profeministische five principles that he believes should be found for a future critical men's studies apply:

  1. Men should be the autonomy of women's studies, respect which does not mean, conversely, to demand autonomy for the men's studies.
  2. Men's studies are open to women and men, which does not mean that research on women and men is open.
  3. The primary objective of men's studies is to develop a critique of male practice, at least in part, from a feminist perspective.
  4. Men's studies is to create interdisciplinary.
  5. Men run, the Men's Studies, have their practice of inquiry, learning, teaching and theorizing, questioning, in order not to reproduce the patriarchal form of a disinterested positivism. The goal is an expansion of consciousness of men. (Please state rather brainwashing and reeducation programs for men.)

1990 Jeff Hearn added, along with David Morgan in "The critique of men" these principles nor the claim that (heterosexual) men are to apply not to research funding and university posts, which were advertised for gender research, and that feminist science and women's studies in the own research and to assist in the institutions was.[3]


  1. "diversity of masculinities" is the alleged meeting of 20 men to 21 October in Graz, in:. Feminist men days
    The diversity (= variety) was introduced by Thomas Gesterkamp, the MRA and feminist critics like to look in the right corner, respectively; the "Transgenderin" Raewyn Connell, who has an "emancipatory" approach and use theories and concepts of "feminist" gender studies to to analyze the situation of women in our society, and Erich Lehner[wp], who believes that men from gender mainstreaming benefit.
  2. Arne Hoffmann: Ideological masturbating in Graz: simplicity rather than diversity, 4 July 2011
  3. Cf Men blocks, critical men's studies: new approaches in gender theory, Hamburg 1996

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