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Criticism of Wikipedia/Scamsters, Spies and Trolls, an Internet Story

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Scamsters, Spies and Trolls, an Internet Story is an article of the US-american marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War[wp] Gordon Duff.[1]

Quote: «Gordon Duff explains in the section "Character assassination", what your are supporting, if you support Wikipedia
A recent investigation carried out by Veterans Today[wp] in concert with international agencies tasked with investigating computer crimes has made some startling discoveries.

Computer intelligence specialists, some formerly to level "hackers" themselves, have "backtracked" the careers of "internet personalities", including but not limited to comment board "trolls" from key websites, top Wikipedia editors, policy makers at Yahoo, Google, AOL, YouTube.

What we found was a direct correlation between these individuals and some members of these organizations and lobbying groups with suspected ties to espionage and terrorism, corrupt "think tanks"[wp], actual intelligence agencies, radically biased press organizations and widespread "419" internet scams that have cheated people around the world out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Moreover, we came across the footprints of organizations that hacked the computers of journalists and political leaders, intelligence and law enforcement officials, not just infecting their computers with sophisticated spyware but systematically placing highly encrypted illegal child pornography onto the computer systems of many.

Behind this even still, we discovered foreign intelligence agencies working directly with local police "child pornography task forces", relationships based on bribery, that have been used to blackmail, intimidate and silence.

The underlying criminal activities being protected include the operation of terrorist groups inside governments, as outlined in President Obama's November 21, 2012, (Insider Threat Memorandum) and terror acts such as the Benghazi attack or terrorist operations inside Syria.

The trail also leads to terrorist threats against the UK, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, threats that, when discovered by law enforcement or intelligence sources, show patterns of protection against investigation and prosecution, with terrorists and fraudsters having a virtual stranglehold on the "wheels of justice".

Evidence, which can and will never be accepted, another discovery of our investigation, shows full and absolute penetration of court systems, prosecutorial authorities and ministerial/legislative branches tasked with dealing with the threats and "actors" who operate with brazen openness.

Trolls and Scams

The lowest level of players are many among the ranks of "internet trolls", individuals long dedicated to stalking, harassment or sabotage, making the internet a hostile environment and subjecting those who participate in forums to the rough equivalent of imprisonment in the "violent ward" of an insane asylum.

Among the genuinely mentally ill who act independently, there is a paid group, carefully screened and recruited, chosen for their narcissistic personality disorders, delusions and desire for empowerment through participation in very real conspiracies.

These individuals have varying degrees of technical competence though most receive both training and broad technical support. Most use multiple identities, some with, not only dozens of screen names but multiple IP addresses as well.

Some are employed by internet companies such as Google or Yahoo, others received support or "blind proxy" email and "shifting IP's" through these companies and a network of service providers.

Key social networking sites are fully, not just infiltrated, but appear to be complicit at every level of planning and operation.

Self funding

The strongest correlation is between "trolls" and "419 scammers". Individuals who sit online from 16 to 20 hours a day, moving through comment boards across the internet, spewing propaganda, profanity and selected conspiracies meant to advance the cause of some governments, are also the source of many of the endless scams usually blamed on Nigerians.

Dozens were found to use "chatroom IP addresses" to send out millions of emails, some claiming to be from government agencies such as the IRS or FBI, still more, lotteries, or varying endless frauds of every description.

It was always part of the Mossad[wp] model that intelligence operations be "privatized" and "self funding". I am not saying that these are real "Mossad" operations but systematic internet trolling that originates either from Israel or from AIPAC[wp] related lobby groups and think tanks[wp] has been proven to be financed through internet financial fraud.

One group was traced from offices in Mountain View and another from Sunnyvale, then run through Nigeria[wp], then to Singapore for banking and then to Tel Aviv.

Imagine all this planning and bother to run an internet scam to fund a sociopath to stalk people on the internet who uses the word "anti-Semite" in every other sentence.

Protected criminals

In each of the cases we looked at, we were able to quickly identify the individuals involved, penetrate their cloaked IP addresses and identify them as criminals. Yet these same individuals, many who sit at desks or "cubes" at major internet related companies, are never arrested or investigated though they are "findable" even through use of search engines (some they help manage), findable without using proprietary and restricted code designated for law enforcement use only.

Those programs, which, by the way, are most often used by scamsters themselves, including COFEE, a common forensics program for police, illegal for private use.

Moreover, backdoor "Trojan" programs[wp] are used to load "COFEE"[wp] onto the computers of others along with illegal pornography.

Even more dangerous is access to full email archives of the largest internet providers which allow altered and fabricated email and documentation to be inserted into the "internet history" of targeted individuals, subjecting them to potential prosecution for everything from sex crimes to terrorism.

Combine this with full penetration of the justice system and we see a pure "police state" in existence.

Character assassination

The primary source of all attacks on activists, free speech advocates and other commonly targeted individuals is Wikipedia.

While living off contributions from the public, Wikipedia has systematically given over thousands of key controversial areas to organizations within Israel who publish outlandish and clearly libelous accusations, almost invariably based on Israeli publications as source material, publications with no "standing" in regards to credibility.

Once a Wikipedia page is adequate turned into garbage and propaganda, it is "locked down".

Wikipedia, the singularly largest information source in the world, despite lawsuits and consistent violation of every one of its own policies, either submits or is actively involved in suppression of vital information and bizarrely worded and childishly written biographical assaults on, not just public figures but private individuals as well.

In each and every case, the issue involves an agenda that seems to tie to Israel. The part of this that causes the most "push back" from the Israel lobby, Mossad[wp], the ADL[mp] and SPLC, is that there seems to be nothing "Jewish" about Israeli interests which, through analysis, seem to gravitate toward financial crimes, drug and human trafficking and terrorism.

Thus, an attack on narcotics production in Afghanistan can elicit a charge of "anti-semitism", thus revealing, through clumsy ignorance ties between propagandizing and disinformation, supposedly in defense of "Jewishness" as actually being systematic complicity in organized crime.

Climbing the food chain

Connecting internet "trolls" to intelligence organizations, the Mossad[wp], MI6[wp], the CIA[wp] and others is most easily done through using pattern analysis programs to recognize the use of "talking points" that reflect three specific areas:

  1. The output of key publication, both internet and print, such as or Canada's "National Post", which are obvious outlets for disinformation and are editorially biased to support positions either inconsistent with even the most rudimentary intellect while demonstrating consistent moral repugnancy. Add to these groups like the National Rifle Association[wp] and "Tea Party"[wp], and issues of affiliation between internet espionage, "black propaganda" and foreign based psychological operations (PSYOPS) become clear.
  2. Endless "Think Tanks", the largest and most "ham handed" of which are the CATO Institute[wp] and the Heritage Foundation[wp], establish, not only the "talking points" used by paid "trolls", but often take a more active hand. CATO has been tied to the Benghazi attacks through their funding of the distribution of the "cover operation", the Terry Jones telethon and the Islamophobic film clip he simulcast at great cost around the world. One of these organizations, "Project for a New American Century"[wp][2] openly planned, not only the 9/11 attacks, publishing papers that demonstrate ties to the conspiracy, but also the planned invasion of Iraq, now listed by the International Criminal Court[wp] as a war crime.
  3. To close the loop, Fox News, Clear Channel and CNN "info-media" sources continually parrot the same messages, using typical PSYOPS methodologies[wp] of constant "branding and repetition" to blur the lines between reality, rational discernment and "approved" conspiracies meant to support, not only organized crime but very real terrorist organizations as well, organizations that use terrorism as a tool to support financial agendas. (95 % of all terrorist attacks fall under this category)

With the "revolving door" system in place, not just Washington and London, but around the world, corrupted political leaders leave office, corrupted military leaders leave their careers and commands, and assume positions that provide the insulation of an appearance of stately credibility, adding to the mosaic of the "fifth column"[wp] inside government, the "Insider Threats", and the consensus and support they get through those who mold the public opinion of the fearful and weak minded, the "lunatic fringe", (never to be underestimated…perhaps a majority in some regions of the US) and the end clients, who operate through rogue nation states and extremist political movements.

Willingness to kill long proven

If one is unfamiliar with the revelations about 9/11 over the past decade, indicating, not only that it is a proven "inside job"[wp] but that the chorus that denies this is and has been fully complicit in the crime itself, one can look to endless other evidence.

In Britain, a series of enquires about the Iraq War and news media involvement in blackmail, treason and espionage, joined with investigations showing pedophile rings at the highest levels of government and society, present an unavoidable mosaic hardly subject to doubt.

Everything proven in Britain has a mirror image in the US, with a government controlled by espionage rings that have operated through foreign controlled press organizations for over two decades.

Drug cartels operating at a "street value" of up to three trillion dollars per year, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo/Albania, Colombia and Mexico, control every level of American government, not just state, local and, of course, Washington, but police agencies, the courts and have penetrated the legal profession, law schools, universities and all major financial institutions.

Control is maintained through rigged elections, "Gerrymandering"[wp] which allows a minority party with few votes a vast majority of seats in congress (though unconstitutional through the "Equal Protection" provision[wp], a 5/4 majority in the Supreme Court, again an institution controlled by drug dealers, insures justice will never prevail), and systematic assassinations of officials, US Senators (Paul Wellstone was one, there were more), rigged prosecution of others, (Don Siegleman for one) and blackmail.

The electoral process itself, now driven entirely by drug money through "Super-Pacs"[wp], has guaranteed that the public will be permanently cooperative and compliant or subjected to imprisonment or extermination. Anyone not believing that this eventuality has long been prepared for is not paying attention.

What the internet brings to your home

Becoming a targeted individual is simple. Attempts to call for redress on issues that threaten criminal or financial interests may make any individual a target. Harassment and stalking by paid "trolls" is enough to discourage most.

For others, being threatened with prosecution, threats, pornography, classified documents placed on your computer and discovered through "convenient" police investigations, is a daily occurrence.

All the while, members of our government and the Washington establishment amuse themselves with kidnapped children, later slain and disposed of and have for a long time. The Franklin Affair[wp] was only a shadow of what is really there and more than enough officials have come forward about this.

Time and time again, the FBI[wp] and Department of Justice[wp] has been asked to prosecute major sex traffickers tied to the powerful "overlords" only to turn away. Law enforcement officials who push "too hard" are retired, fired or are discovered with drugs or accidentally lose computers filled with classified information.

Some simply disappear.

Others have been infected with weaponized anthrax[wp] from Ft. Detrick[wp] or wake up "dead" on a garbage dump.

Key to remember is that, for each and every American, the connection to treason, to espionage, to world organized crime is as close as a Facebook post or that crazy person who keeps sending emails. Too often, it is in the wild accusations received from a "patriotic" website said to be run by former "Black Ops" or "Swift Boaters".

No, sitting there with your "tablet, smartphone or laptop", you are quite probably touching the most hare-brained and malevolent tentacles of the world's intelligence community, a "community" that, in reality, is the heart and soul of very real terrorism.

It isn't your children that need protecting from the internet, not hardly.

– Gordon Duff: Scamsters, Spies and Trolls, an Internet Story (Intelligence Organizations Partner with Internet Crime), Veterans Today[wp] on 9 December 2012


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