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Guy friend

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A guy friend is an unfortunate male who has been irretrievably snared in the friendzone web or in an emotional tampon cycle; a male orbiter[kw] who occupies a space on a girl’s unwritten second-stringer waiting list; or a girl's former hook-up with whom she has kept an amicable relationship.

Friends are the men women feel contribute to their lives, but they have no romantic or sexual interest in. Women have a great knack for holding onto men who make their lives better; maybe those men help them at work, or give them rides in their cars, or buy them food or gifts, or give them good conversation. It's rare for women to intentionally lead these men on; oftentimes, men in the "friends" category are thinking that if they are nice enough to women, they'll get a relationship or physical intimacy eventually. But the women these men are spending time with usually are really, honestly viewing them as "just friends" and are oblivious to any ulterior motives of the men they slot into the "friends" category.

Friends are thoughtful, supportive, and considerate; good listeners; accepting and non-judgmental; and uplifting and encouraging.[1]


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