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Women have boyfriends and girlfriends. If you're not fucking her, you're her girlfriend.

The friendzone is a situation that arises when a man is attracted to a woman, but the woman is not physically attracted to him. Rather than straight­forwardly reject the man's advances, she tells him "let's just be friends". The phrase has become so common that it is often abbreviated to LJBF.[1]

Daddy notes, "Modern women are told that one of their boyfriend's role is to listen to them bitch and complain about their day. But the truth is that used to be the best friend/ sister/ cousin/ mother's role. Somehow women lost these and now the boyfriend is expected to make up for it. If he does, it will kill the sex vibe faster than saying "I'm a feminist"." Rollo writes:

Quote: «Get it out of your head now that you're even in a so called "friend zone" with any woman. There is no friend zone - there is only the limbo between you being fooled that a girl is actually a friend on an equitable level to your same sex friends, and you understanding that as soon as she becomes intimate with another guy your attentions will become a liability to any relationship she might want to have with the new sexual interest and she puts you off, or you do the same when you become so involved with another girl.»[2]

Avoiding the Friendzone

Routinely, men seeking relationship advice will be looking to answer the question "How do I get out of the friend zone?" Advice commonly given on the internet is to never get in the friend zone in the first place, and instead ensure that interactions are kept flirtatious and physical.[3] It is commonly held that once a woman does not view a man as sexually suitable, the situation is not recoverable.[4]

Nevertheless, some men will continue to spend time with the women who wants to "just be friends" in hopes that their friendship leads to more. They are commonly referred to on the internet as beta orbiters.[5] These situations often result in a woman extracting some resources and gifts from the beta orbiter. The beta orbiter blindly thinks that by doing nice things for the female, he will somehow earn her affections. This orbiting behavior also occupies the beta's energy from being more productive such as pursuing women who are interested in him.[6]

Donovan Sharpe notes that friends and lovers fulfill fundamentally different purposes for women:

Quote: «A woman doesn't need a man who consoles her, talks about his feelings, and curls up on the couch with her for a chick flick-a-thon. That's what her girlfriends are for. What they need is a lover and protector who keeps her grounded by not feeding into her emotional shenanigans, holds frame[kw], and shows as little vulnerability as possible. Girls need to be able to rely on their men to be the immovable object in their lives—their rock. It is impossible to be these things as her best friend.»[7]

Escaping the friendzone

Quote: «I came up with a funny non-rp way of handling it. I call it "Treat her like a friend".

People often don't understand the difference between being friends and being in the friendzone. You will see quickly if you start to actually treat her like a friend. She says you are her best friend? Great, that means she will support you! Need anything done? Ask her for help! That's what friends do. Had a hard week? Call her, tell her you need her emotional support, meet somewhere and lay it on her. Your struggles at work, your loneliness, your health. Ask her for advice and her opinion. This should take at least 2h. Oh and you are just friends that means no flirting. You are not trying to conquer her. Don't make more compliments than she does. (Will mean probably none). Friends also call friends out on their shit. If a stranger fucks up, you wouldn't tell him because it's none of your business. But you would absolutely call a friend out if he fucks up. So do that! After all you are her best friend.

Do all that and see the look of confusion on her face. You will be laughing your ass off years later when you picture the look on her face.

And you won't have to think about how to get rid of her. She will take care of that.»[8]

Femoid with an orbiter -cough- "friend"

The friendzone is the myth that women don't fuck their friends and that dating is a measure of how much a woman wants to have sex with you. Truth is women fuck their friends if they are attractive. And generally women only form friendships with men they would be open to having sex with down the line. You don't go to your friend's sex parties? Yea cuz ur ugly. There's only a no-sex zone, which contains both partnered and non-partnered people.

What most people mean when they say, "friendzone", is a form of sexgating, and at the end of the day has little to do with friendship.

If a woman has sexgated you permanently and claims that they also want to be friends, that is usually a lie, and you will see them ghost you or ignore you in time.[9]



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