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Beta orbiter

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The place of the beta provider: The Melvins orbiting Stacy, the Stacys orbiting Chad.

Beta orbiters generally are men who hang around women but do not have sex with them. Women generally put up with beta orbiters as a form of male attention and to show a perceived high social status. Men unfamiliar with game and neomasculinity believe that befriending women without making their sexual intent clear is a viable mating strategy. In almost all cases, it proves to be a failure, with beta orbiters sometimes being described as "stuck in the friend zone".

Types of beta orbiters

There are several different types of beta orbiters:

The LJBF Beta Orbiter

The LJBF Beta Orbiter is a man who makes an advance on a woman, who tells him "let's just be friends." The orbiter continues to hang around this woman as a "friend", hoping that she will develop romantic feelings for him. These romantic feelings almost never develop, and instead the LJBF becomes an emotional tampon for her.

The Male Feminist

These are men who reject all forms of masculinity, because they believe it will make them more attractive to females. They identify as "male feminists" and reject traditional masculine behavior and bonding. Instead, they prefer the platonic company of females. You will not find the Male Feminist in a weight room, a strip club, or on a sports team.

The Gay Best Friend

He does not actually have to be gay to be "the gay best friend." The Gay Best Friend is a man that female view as "one of the girls." He engages in gossip, text messaging, and emocons. He may or may not have a "crush" on one of his "girlfriends" but the attraction goes unreciprocated. Women will spend hours a day texting the Gay Best Friend, while at the same time having sex with an alpha male.

Other definitions

Quote: «The non Alpha Male who hovers (or orbits) around and pedestalizes women in hopes they can get their foot in the door and get chosen or laid.» - Urban Dictionary[1]


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