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Hamster or hamstering is a process in which a woman uses twisted logic to justify her actions and in some cases, crimes.

Quote: «Hamster - Used to describe the way that women use rationalization to resolve mental conflict and avoid cognitive dissonance[wp]. The core mechanism that allows women to say one thing and do a different thing.»

Common Examples

  1. "I had him charged for rape because he deserves to be in jail for dumping me."
  2. "I've never cheated on my BF. I've had some one night stands but those don't count."
  3. "There's a rape culture on our campus so I had to get drunk to fit in socially."
  4. "I am majoring gender studies because it helps me get a good job after graduation."
  5. "I am Pro-Choice and believes in Equality, which is why I think its wrong for women to stay home. They should be pursuing their careers because women make better leaders than men!"


Hamstering is prevalent among Western women, especially feminists.

Unlike lying, hamstering requires the subject to believe that the statement she is making to be a true fact. This requires the logical processing functions of the brain to shutdown in favour of the emotional parts. Consequently, hamstering occurs frequently during periods of strong emotions.

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This article based on an article Hamster from MGTOW Wiki, March 21, 2018.