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Ownership Icons

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The Ownership Icons have been developed for use by owners, masters, mistresses, submissives and slaves, as described on the Designing the Icons[archived May 19, 2015] page.

Description Male Female
Symbols for the planets have existed for hundreds of years, and Mars[wp] and Venus[wp] are used as a shorthand for male and female sexes in biology. To indicate sex in an ownership icon, we used the arrow (male) and cross (female) from these symbols.
Mars symbol
Venus symbol
The symbols for owners, masters and mistresses use a shield to represent the head of the household, with an arrow or a cross to indicate their sex.
Arrow in shield
Cross in shield
Owned slaves and collared submissives' symbols consist of a circle, representing a collar, and the sex arrow or cross.
Arrow in collar
Cross in collar
The symbols for free submissives place their sex's arrow or cross inside a broken square, representing an unlocked cage.
Arrow in cage
Cross in cage
The collar in the shield combines the symbols for owner and owned, and can be used to represent Ownership & Possession itself, and is the basis of the Ownership Flag[archived May 19, 2015].
Collar in shield
Ownership Flag

All of these symbols and designs are copyright, but may be reproduced freely[archived May 19, 2015] for commercial or non-commercial purposes without prior permission.

This article based on an article Ownership Icons from, 1997-2015.