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Petplay - Roles
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Petplay Owner Pet
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BDSM vs. Fetish
BDSM Euler diagram.svg
Graphical illustration (Euler diagram) of practitioners in fetish and BDSM
Top/​Bottom Top - Bottom (Switch)
Dom/Submissive Dom - Sub
Master/Slave Master - Slave

Ownership is the power to control and use for one's own purposes that which is owned. For practitioners of D/s or M/s relationships, a feeling of owning or being owned can be very fulfilling. An owner is normally called a Master (male) or Mistress[wipi] (female). An owned person is normally called a slave.[1]

Ownership is the enduring authority to control and use for one's own purposes that which is owned. In D/s and M/s, ownership amounts to a transfer of authority over the submissive or slave which is veto-less and inescapable, in contrast to other types of possession which may be limited in time or scope. An owner is normally called a master (male) or mistress (female). An owned person is normally called a slave.

In O&P, Ownership represents the Master/slave half of the continuum of O&P relationships.[2]


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