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Gender disparity in STEM explained

STEM is an acronym for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As part of their name STEM also referred to various institutions and initiatives to promote these relevant specialist areas/scientific disciplines.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) refers to four major areas of study that are responsible for most innovation in modern society.

Michael Klein commented on the government's efforts to bring more female students in STEM disciplines:

Quote: «German original:
Trotz aller Werbung für MINT-Fächer, trotz aller Girls' Days, aller Versuche, Frauen für das zu begeistern, was als Männer­beruf gilt und wie wir von Genderisten wissen, ist alles, was mit Männern in Verbindung steht, schlecht, gewalttätig, kühl, egoistisch und logisch-rational, trotz all dieser Versuche, ist der "Uni-Run" weiblicher Studierende auf MINT-Fächer bislang ausgeblieben.

English translation:

Despite all the advertising for STEM disciplines, despite all Take a Girl Child to Work Days[wp], all effort to inspire women for what is considered to be man's job and as we know from genderists, that is anything that has to do with men is considered poor, violent, cold, selfish, and logical-rational, despite all these attempts, the "Run" to female students on STEM disciplines at universities has so far failed.» - Michael Klein[1]


  1. Michael Klein: "Sei knorke", sei MINT - Verzweiflung pur, Kritische Wissenschaft - critical science on 21 Juny 2013