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Simp is a portmanteau of Sissy and Pimp[wp]. A classic simp thinks he has hit the jackpot but is actually being played[ext], and is oblivious to how he allows himself to be treated like wallet. May also appear cool, in control and even indifferent when around his friends... but with the female he is whipped beyond belief.[1]


  • A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table.
  • A man that puts too much value on a female for no reason.
  • A man that prides himself with "Chivalry" in hopes of getting sexual gratification from women.
  • A square with no game other than "Rolling out the Red-Carpet" for every female.

The perfect example of a "Simp" Man would be:

  • The role Eddie Murphy[wp] played in the movie "Norbit"[wp],
  • The role of Kevin James[wp] in the show "The King of Queens"[wp],
  • A "Yes Dear, Man" Simp[2]

In the context that it is used in the MGTOW community, the word "simp" seems to be synonymous with "simpleton" or "low brow". It's a term that is used to describe a man who allows himself to be ruled by his carnal desires.

Example 1
"Dave and his girlfriend were arguing last night. In the middle of the argument, Dave's girlfriend flashed him. Dave was quiet after that."
"Oh, man. What a simp."
Example 2
"I can't eat lunch with you guys today. My wife says I'm not allowed to spend anymore money."
"You're such a simp, Dave."
In a broader context, a "simp" is a man who rejects intellectualism and surrenders his interests to the whims of pop culture.
Example 3
"Did you read the article that the Atlantic published on the dangers of trigger warnings and censorship on college campuses?"
"Nah, screw that. I'm going to watch cat videos on YouTube."
"Wow, you're a simp."

In many contexts, the term "white knighting" and "simp" crossover each other. A "white knight" is usually a "simp", but one does not need to be engaged in "white knighting" in order to be "simping".[3]

The basic definition of simp to the MGTOW is a man who seeks/begs for female validation. This includes "white knight" type behaviors, where a man acts must differently towards a woman than a man in similar circumstances.

Ironically, this can go against the traditional "manliness" of PUAs and alpha males. Even some alpha males would be considered simps. Pick-up artists are certainly simps and are generally considered pathetic by MGTOW, because PUAs seek female validation and spend so much time in that endeavor. PUAs also risk false rape allegations through their behaviors.

White knight type behavior is generally coming to a woman's rescue, and is very much against equality of the sexes. For example, in the show WHAT WOULD YOU DO, bystanders would react (sometimes violently) when a man was slapping/threatening/mistreating a woman. However when a woman was doing this to a man, most people didn't care, and some even egged on the woman! A white knight is just another type of simp.

Simps are considered "blue pill" since they don't understand the gynocentrism and female privileges of today's Western society. They are pitied and sometimes hated by MGTOW or red pill men (zeta males) such as myself. Simps can also be male feminists who think that men are privileged. They are understandably the most hated by MGTOW. Simps continue the illusion and help to continue gynocentrism and female privileges.[3]


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