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White knight

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White Knights and Manginas Anonymous

White knight refers to a person (usually a male) who sees the typical maiden in distress, and believes that he can help her. A male version of the "mother figure" that some girls become.[1]

White Knights - How they see themselves - How Feminists see them...


  • "Why is he going out with her? She's broken, and a little crazy." -
    "The fool's just being a White Knight."[1]

White Knight Syndrome

White Knight Syndrome is a personality characteristic found in most males that lead them to:

  1. Rush to the aid of any female they see who appears in any form of distress.
  2. Become attracted to said damsel in distress.
  3. Follow the dying code of chivalry and generally act like a nice guy.[2]

Also called young man's disease.

  • "Nice guys finish last?" Tony asked. "So does that make White Knight Syndrome bad?"[2]


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