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Main PageInternetWiki → WikiHow
Description Internet portal
Slogan "We're trying to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything. Join us."
Available language(s) English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Czech, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, Korean
Launched January 15, 2005
Current status active
Number of Articles 200.000 (Effective: Sep 13, 2018)
More info
Software MediaWiki
Content license by-nc-sa
Registration optional, but required for specific tasks such as uploading files and editing protected pages
Commercial yes
Owner Palo Alto, California, USA
Created by Jack Herrick[wp], Josh Hannah
URL wikihow.com

wikiHow is an online wiki-style community consisting of an extensive database of how-to guides. Founded in 2005 by Internet entrepreneur Jack Herrick[wp], the website aims to create the world's most helpful how-to instructions to enable everyone in the world to learn how to do anything.

wikiHow is a hybrid organization, a for-profit company run for a social mission. wikiHow is an open source[wp] and open content[wp] project. The modified MediaWiki[wp] software is freely released and the content is released under a Creative Commons[wp] (BY-NC-SA) license.

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