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Bimbofication is a set of morphs for "Genesis 3 Female" and "Genesis 8 Female" and their compatible female figures, which simulate the most common plastic surgeries, injections, implants, face­lifts and body modifications for the female "BIMBO" transformation.

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Bimbofication means the process of transforming into an airheaded slut, perfectly happy to be used and degraded.[1]


English translation
They call it "bimbofication" or "hypersexual transformation", and it refers to the illustrations that depict a person, usually a woman, becoming a "hot chick".
Spanish Original
Lo llaman "bimbofication" o "transformación hipersexual", y hace referencia a las ilustraciones que representan a una persona, normalmente mujeres, transformándose en una "tía buena".  - Judith J.K. [2]

© Bimbo Candy
© Bimbo Candy
Elvenbimbo   © SaidNuffman


  • Valentina DiMarco: The Perfect Wife, Kindle Edition[3]
  • Valentina DiMarco: Sexy Bimbo Anthology: Two Naughty Bimbofication Series, Kindle Edition[4]
  • Valentina DiMarco: Becoming Barbie: A Bimbofication Story, Kindle Edition[5]
  • Reed James: Bimbofied by the Bimbo (A Bimbo, Hot Wife, Harem, Hot Wife, Exhibitionism Erotica), Kindle Edition[6]
  • Eden Wanes: Bimbofication Bundle Volume 1, Kindle Edition[7]
  • Narcissa Rivers: Bimbo by the Book: Creating a Bimbo, Kindle Edition[8]
  • John Waylon: My Beautiful Bimbo, Kindle Edition[9]
  • Barbara A. Billingham: Becoming a Bimbo: A bimbofication story, Kindle Edition[10]


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  3. When Whitney learns that her fiancée, Sam, wants her to be a little more like his gorgeous, submissive ex-girlfriend, she's devastated. But once Whitney realizes how much pleasure awaits her if she becomes his "perfect wife," she's more than happy to comply with his many demands.
    In the months leading up to their marriage, Whitney undergoes intense training to become the submissive, sexy bimbo of Sam’s dreams. She'll do anything for him, even if it means undergoing plastic surgery to become his physical ideal, performing degrading and humiliating acts in the bedroom, and satisfying other men in front of him. Will the new and improved Whitney be able to satisfy her kinky husband?
  4. This sexy bimbofication anthology is comprised of two previously-published series: The Clinic (Parts One, Two, and Three) and The Office Bimbo (Parts One, Two, and Three). It contains six individual stories.
    In The Clinic Alison is an ordinary woman whose life changes forever when her boyfriend decides he wants to "upgrade" her. He takes her to The Clinic, a mysterious medical center where average women are transformed into bimbos.
    Before she knows it, Alison looks like a sexy blonde bombshell - but that won't be the end of the bimbofication process. Before she can leave The Clinic, she must successfully pass a series of degrading physical and mental tests. Will Alison become the perfect bimbo? And will her boyfriend be satisfied with the new and improved Alison?
    In The Office Bimbo, plain-looking, flat-chested Brittany would do anything to get the attention of her handsome coworker, Joe. Unfortunately, Joe has a hot girlfriend, Madison, and Brittany simply can't compete... until she stumbles upon a mysterious shop selling all kinds of pills and potions. With one dose of a magical transformation potion, Brittany becomes the sexiest woman at the office, and no man can resist the bubbly, sensual bimbo. But when jealous Madison gets her hands on Brittany's magic potion, the entire office is bimbofied.
    Can Brittany win Joe's affections? And can she compete with the other newly-transformed bimbos?
  5. Cassie is a brilliant physics major, but she's not happy - guys don't notice her, and she's tired of her boring, plain looks. She'd give up her intelligence to become a human Barbie doll in a minute. And after discovering a strange infomercial on TV, Cassie orders some pills that promise to make this dream come true. The pills transform Cassie's body, but they also have some interesting side effects. What will Cassie do when she becomes a living Barbie doll? And what will happen when Cassie's crush sees her as a bimbo for the first time - will he finally want her?
  6. The bimbo wife has been taken, and she'll need to use every nubile inch of her busty body to escape!
    The rival to Frank's company has kidnapped his bimbo wife. Magnolia Savage wants the bimbo serum for herself. The lesbian wants her own harem of naughty, busty bimbos to please her!
    Alice will have to be the best bimbo ever to trick Magnolia. The sexy bimbo will use all her wiles to buy time while Frank comes to her rescue. If Alice's naughty plan works, everything will change.
    But it if fails, Frank and Alice will lose the bimbo serum forever!
    Bimbofied by the Bimbo is a 7400 word bimbo, menage, harem, oral, anal, rimming, lesbian, first time, hot wife, cheating, group fun, body modification erotica that is not for the faint of heart!
  7. Homecoming Creation 1-3: The bimbofication classic that started it all! Wendy was the queen bee of the homecoming ball ... until Carlton introduced her to his bimbofication formula! Now she's been transformed - into the ultimate bimbo plaything!
    The Bimbofication of MILF 13 1-6: Lindsey Adams had it all - a suburban housewife's dream come true. But now a mysterious Corporation and its sinister researchers have BIG plans for Lindsey…and who knows what they have in mind for a newly-made bimbo?
    Bimbofication of a Scientist 1-9: Alicia's position at Duopon Chemical seemed perfect for a brand-new graduate. That all changed when she got transferred to the Corporation. Now she'd about to be altered... changed... and used. Will Alicia be able to avoid being turned into a busty, bimboey pet-on-a-leash?
    The Reproductive Organist 1-3: Music Appreciation with Dr. Wangermeyer was enough to put any girl to sleep. That is, until he discovered a sexy, sultry symphony by mysterious musician Franz Liszt. Now bimbo transformation is on the schedule - and revenge is in the air!
    The Tattooed Biker Bimbofication: Sometimes it just takes a little magic to change your world - and prissy missy Julia Prudence is about to learn that in a very BIG way! She's been cursed by Matt's legendary motorcycle seat and transformed ... into a pierced & tattooed biker girl! Will she ever go back to her innocent goody-goody life? Will she even want to?
  8. John is a lonely librarian in a small Alabama town with a gloomy secret hidden in his family's past. Dark magic runs strong in his veins and when the tall, bright and gorgeous Cassandra walks into his little library, John couldn't help but try out what he's actually capable of.
    When Cassandra starts changing before his very eyes, John can't believe his luck. Seeing the woman of his dreams suddenly stand before him, he is more sure than ever about his powers. It's even better that the woman is more than willing to do anything he pleases. How far will he take her and how complete is the bimbo transformation?
  9. Dave inherited just one thing from his late great uncle: a family crest ring. He wasn't thrilled, but the gold ring might bring in a pretty penny at the pawn shop. Then he read the note with the ring. It all sounded pretty incredible, but then Jessica showed up. The ring worked like a charm, proving it was truly an object of power. Tough, tomboy Jessica transformed into a smoking hot bimbo before his incredulous eyes, and she only had eyes for him.
  10. Kimberly's father doesn't want to pay for college. His solution? Hire a Master to drain her mind and train her to be a bimbo. To her horror, she finds she enjoys submitting to Drake's bimbofication process of becoming Kimmie, even looking forward to being used as nothing more than a toy. Kimmie becomes more of what she is, but Kimberly refuses to go away completely. Which part of her personality will win?

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  • Bimbofication For G3F-G8F by BDDesign (Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY; Base Figures: Genesis 3 Female[ext], Genesis 8 Female[ext]; Description: Bimbofication is a set of morphs for "Genesis 3 Female"[ext] and "Genesis 8 Female"[ext] and their compatible female figures, which simulate the most common plastic surgeries, injections, implants, facelifts and body modifications for the female "BIMBO" transformation. - You can individually tweak every morph in order to obtain your favourite body and face shape style! - In this set is also included 2 base material for IRAY, a set of fake contact lenses color for the eyes, 4 type of makeups, a fake eyelashes material, and various color for the nails. - A bunch of shape preset is also included.)
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Bimbofication - Transformation process   © sortimid
Secretary Bimbo Transformation   © Banedearg
Bimbofication makes Life fun   © PENEROTIC
Bimbofication - The S&M Version
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© sortimid

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