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Chastity is an ethical concept of moderation in dealing with sexuality, mostly for religious reasons.

Often, chastity is understood as merely sexual abstinence or abstinence; The ideal of intentional and deliberate chastity is, however, more profound: chastity is the behavior of a person to behave shamefully on the basis of an acquired feeling of shame or a conscious principle, and to shun the innocent and the violations of morality. In many cultures, the call for chastity as a religious commandment plays a role (see also taboo). This understanding of chastity as a general moderation, which is not limited to sexual behavior alone, can also be observed in the development of the word keusch in German. Even in Middle High German[wp], kiusche meant "modest" or "conscious". Recently in New High German[wp] the significance narrowed to sexual abstinence.[1]

In Christian iconography, the seven deadly sins[wp] are often compared to the seven virtues[wp]; Chastity, as a virtue, is the counterpart of Lust[wp] (latin luxuria). A symbol of virgin purity is the lilium[wp].


Quote: «It was never the traditional view that a woman's erotic power over men was anything she possessed unconditional personal rights over. Instead, the use to which she put this natural power was understood to be freighted with extensive responsibilities - to God, her family, the man to whom she gave herself, the children produced by the union, and her own long-term well being. In order to fulfill her obligations as creature, daughter, wife, and mother she required considerable powers of self-control. This cultivated and socially reinforced sexual self-control was known as modesty[wp]. It required chiefly the duty of chastity before marriage and fidelity within marriage; secondarily, it involved maintaining a certain demeanor toward men - polite but reserved.» - F. Roger Devlin[2]


  • A Journey in to Chastity - written by a collared slave to Mistress Angelica, collared slave (Author), Mistress Angelica (Publisher), 2017, 85 pages
  • Georgia Ivey Green: A KeyHolder's Handbook - A Woman's Guide To Male Chastity And Sexual Teasing, 2013[3]
  • Lucy Fairbourne: Male Chastity - a Guide for Keyholders, 2010


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  3. From a review:
    A gentle introduction to male chastity
    I would consider this a gentle, introduction to male chastity. If you are a male, trying to figure out how to introduce male chastity to your female partner, this book can be of help. [...]
    Books on this topic are often porn in disguise. Dropping one of those on your vanilla partner won't help at all. Ms. Green has written a guide that is basic and should not frighten your future keyholder.
    To go into greater depth, is in my opinion, impossible for male chastity. There is just too much variability in the partners backgrounds and experience to be able to write an all-in-one conclusive guide. This will get you started.
    Her descriptions of the chastity experience for both partners is spot on. I had to experience it first hand to accept what she claims. If you have a solid relationship, following her suggestions can lead to better communication between partners, an exploration of new boundaries, and a lot of fun. All of which, lead to a stronger relationship.

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