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Check your privileges!

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Check your privileges! is generally a term used to silence others' opinions to compensate for a weak argument. If someone disagrees with a social justice warrior and is white or straight he would likely be told to "educate himself" or to check his "privileges". It is an attack on a individuals characteristics instead of an argument. It is not very different from saying you are white therefor your argument is invalid.[1]

Check your privileges is the battle cry, the feminists oppose the white men of the working class.

Check your privileges is the battle cry of the uppish feminists, feeling themselfs eternally as victims, oppose the white men of the working class who are built up to grotesque monsters.


  1. Youtube-link-icon.svg The "white privilege" is a dangerous myth - Lauren Southern[wp] (9 June 2016) (Size: 3:48 min.)

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  • Tom Midlane: The problem with privilege-checking, New Statesman on December 17, 2012 (While we're concerned with our own potential prejudices, we're not fighting back against the Coalition.)