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Die Familie und ihre Zerstörer

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Die Familie und ihre Zerstörer
Description Website
Slogan What is going wrong and what needs to change - An overdue debate
Available language(s) German
Founded 2009
Current status active
More info

Die Familie und ihre Zerstörer ist ein Buchprojekt im Internet über nahezu alle Schlangengruben des Familienrechts.

The family and their destroyers is a German book project in the internet about almost all snake pits of family law in the western world, particular in Germany.

The work includes the following chapters:

  1. The family - Definition and clarification of terms and basic concepts
  2. The family law - The destructive implications of the laws.
  3. The family destroyer - State institutions such as youth welfare and family court, private sector helper industry and ideologies.
  4. Symptoms - The mechanisms of destruction of the family and the social effects are identified and discussed.
  5. Approaches at the individual, social and family policy level are discussed.

The book project is freely available online and downloadable as a PDF document.


External links

  • Website: DFuiZ
  • Download:
    • Pdf-icon-extern.svg Die Familie und ihre Zerstörer[ext], actual version (Extent: 760 pages ore more) (German only)
    (Please use the link above for the current version! Use the set below document only, if the address can not be reached. By reducing the font size, the extent has been reduced with respect to the format of 6 August in 2012 (990 pages) by 260 pages.)
    • Pdf-icon-extern.svg Die Familie und ihre Zerstörer[ext], November 22, 2014 (Extent: 760 pages)