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Daddy issues

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Daddy issues, or lingering psychological problems resulting from a girl's dysfunctional relationship with her father, are often a reason why women become feminists. In particular, many leaders of second-wave feminism[wp] are products of broken homes. "My father didn't ever exist as a presence in my life... He didn't care about us," said Marilyn French, author of The War Against Women.

"My father was living in California," said Gloria Steinem. "He didn't ring up but I would get letters from him and saw him maybe once or twice a year."

Germaine Greer: "My father had decided pretty early on that life at home was pretty unbearable... it gave my mother an opportunity to tyrannize the children and enlist their aid to disenfranchise my father completely."[1]

Elizabeth Wurtzel[wp] and Karla Homolka[wp] were both products of broken homes.[2]

Some feminists say their goal is to "overthrow the patriarchy." The word originates in the Latin "pater" or father.

Illimitable Men writes:

Quote: «If her father was absent or otherwise a let-down, she wants her boyfriend to be everything he wasn't, her mind has filled in the blanks with what he should have been, some of that of course will be complete fantastical bullshit. What she will want in this scenario is for a man to essentially fill the emotional void the lack of a father figure left her with, whilst perversely in simultaneity she will find it hard to trust men due to her sense of abandonment. Maintaining a healthy, loving and conducive relationship with such a woman will be exceptionally difficult. She will effectively be both her own as well as your own worst enemy, actively sabotaging everything you're trying to build with all the irrationality of her delinquency manifesting itself in the present day as morbid insecurity.

This is why women with poor relationships with their fathers are a massive red flag. When eying up a woman for a prospective long-term romantic engagement, find out what her relationship with her father is like, the absence of a father or a negative relationship with her father are massive red flags as she is already set-up to be a poor romantic prospect, mainly due to how she was (or wasn't) raised. Single mothers quite simply are inept to raise quality children single­handedly. The presence of a weak father is better than nothing, but typically you want her to have had a father who was a patriarch, a dominant man who taught her discipline so that her base schematic of "what men should be like" is healthy and isn't formed from unhealthy feminist stereotypes and the ramblings of a bitter and romantically unsuccessful single mother. Still, even the presence of a patriarch in a young girl's life isn't always enough to ensure a quality woman; as the prevailing socially engineered cultural forces around her proactively do their utmost to undermine the will and intent that her father's best interests have for her.»[3]

Paul writes:

Quote: «I find the women with daddy issues or no dad growing up, dont give a flying fuck about u and in the end, she let's her daddy issues out on u by treating u like a piece of shit! Women with a good relationship with their father seem to try not hurt your feelings as much during a breakup I find.»

eljeffster writes:

Quote: «Don't forget referring to yourself in the third person as "daddy."

"Daddy likes you in that skirt."

  1. You're dating younger (over 18) women right?
  2. Her being 18-25 her parents are more likely divorced and she never had a daddy.
  3. Because of number 2 she longs for a father figure.
  4. Establishes dominant/submissive role very quickly...

It's a power trip, and like I said, only with adult women. It is kind of weird at first but I am used to it now, and it immediately establishes whose the boss.»[4][5]


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