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Mommy issues

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Mommy issues are psychological or emotional problems resulting from one's relationship (or lack thereof) with one's mother. Red pillers are often accused of having mommy issues.

Illimitable Man writes:

Quote: «Men who had mothers that never endowed them with the maternal bond find it easier to swallow the red pill and understand female behaviour as adults. It is a recurring observation of mine that men deprived of maternal love are better adapted for dealing with women as mates in adulthood. The man who grew up as a neglected boy never foolishly believed that a girlfriend would love him as his mother would, he believed she would love him exactly as his mother did; with extreme conditionality.

This is to say, the man who never experienced maternal love as the typical man in boyhood did would not come to idealise female love as a man. Rather perversely, the standard of which such a man holds women to romantically is more in line with their true nature. Unlike most men, he was not taught to expect a sacrificial love from women because he never experienced this love to begin with. His mother didn't love him like a mother, but like a partner, ergo, he was loved for his utility rather than his essence. And so it stands to reason that man's frame of reference for the quality of woman's love is based upon how his mother loved him. A man whose mother did not love him like a child when he was a child is therefore, in adulthood, at a perverse advantage. He has no idealisation to shatter, because his expectations of women in relationships are realistic.»[1]

Roosh notes, "In a classic instance of 'projection,' sluts and feminists with daddy issues assume everyone has their deep-seated psychological problems."[2]


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