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Date rape

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Regret is not rape.
Drunken sex is not rape.
Broken promises are not rape.
Falling asleep right after is not rape.
Leaving before you wake up is not rape.[1]

Date rape is a legal term for "rape on the first date".

Women have introduced the term "date rape" to give the most painful aspect of being with a man a name. Men have no right terms for the most painful aspects of their vision of being with a woman.[2]


Dating in a feminist world: Would I mind being financially destroyed by this female?

In the U.S., date rape is understood as a "rape on the very first meeting with a man". In Australia, date rape is defined as "when someone you know socially (but not family) makes you have sex when you don't want to. It could be someone you meet at a party, or someone you love and trust, like your boyfriend."[3]


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