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Female imperative

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The female imperative or feminine imperative is to survive; to have sex and as many babies as possible with the best man or men available; and to secure provisioning for self and babies.[1]

Connection to morality

Modern morality assumes that men should behave in such a way as to satisfy the feminine imperative. Jim's blog notes:

Quote: «The Feminine Imperative is that when a woman follows her pussy, it should have good results for her, and if it does not have good results for her, it is the fault of some dastardly man and not an indication that women are too childish[kw] and irresponsible to be allowed to follow their pussies. Whenever illicit female sexual desires lead to illicit acts which have bad consequences, those consequences are deemed to be the fault of men, and it is the duty of men to make female sexual desires come out with good consequences for the woman, even if it means bad consequences for the man. Man up[kw] and marry those sluts!»[2]

Rollo notes:

Quote: «While a broader understanding of hypergamy and Game make for useful tools for enlightened single men, the Game-accepting Beta plug-in will still see it strictly as a means to satisfying the female imperative - long-term provisional monogamy. Any deviation from this narrative, any guy using Game for personal gain, personal pleasure or to enact his own sexual strategy is guilty of crimes against (feminized) society. Since the societal Greater Good has been defined by the feminine imperative, anything counter to it is definitively evil, counter­productive, anti-social and manipulative sociopathy.»[3]


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