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Heteronormativity (also: compulsory heterosexuality) is one of lesbian feminists and gay professional applied pejorative way of saying heterosexual relationships between men and women are perceived as normal.

The aim is to question the naturalness of the relationship between man and woman to upgrade and homosexuality.

The term was coined by representatives of genderism over who deny a natural disposition of one man or one woman and want to see it as a socially and culturally determined normativity.

The gender theorists refer to the fact that relationships between men and women are perceived as natural, and this is represented in the media and society as if normativity. Biologically compelling reasons for this condition, such as the reproduction will not be accepted. The "sexual orientation" is in their opinion predeterminated, not biological. Consequently they argue, there was a compulsion to heterosexuality.

The concept of heteronormativity is often the justification of their own homo- and transsexuality.

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