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Heterophobia (1998)

Heterophobie (from the Greek ὁμός heteros: the other, unequal; φόβος Phobos: fear, phobia) descibes a social aversion or hostility against women and men with a normal sexual orientation. Heterophobie is sometimes referred to as a counter-concept to Homophobia.

Heterophobia is a neologism used as a snarl word, cames from heterosexuality[wp] and Phobia[wp], that mean fear (of homosexuals) to heterosexuality or heterosexuals.

Heterophobia is also the title of a book by Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge[wp]. In her work "Heterophobia" Daphne Patai describes how gender feminists change and change in their statements independently and from a set of neighbor concepts, meanings and viewpoints. In it she turned especially against totalitarian thinking in the U.S. women's studies as well as against those of their so called "Sexual Harassment Industry". Unfortunately her book "Heterophobia" about the growing feminist movement in the defamation of sex between men and women was not translated into German.

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