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Key holding

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The key holding means to hold the key of the chastity device wearing person. Thus the captive cannot be freed without the consent of the key holder.

The Key

Once your dick is locked in a chastity device, you have to decide what to do with the key (or the decision may have already been made for you). A chastity device is not a toy. It is designed to restrict your access to your dick and prevent your from getting off. It's 24/7[wipi]. You can't just take if off if you decide you don't want to wear it anymore. You need to the key to unlock it to take off.

Sure, you can get bolt cutters to cut off the lock, if you happen to have a pair handy. And that won't work on some chastity devices. Then there's idea of trying to break something attached to your dick. Lots can go wrong.

A well fitted device is very difficult to slip out of. It's possible but only with a lot of effort and usually pain. Imagine trying to slide off a ring that's too tight around your finger. Now imagine trying to slip off a ring too tight around your balls. Have fun with that.

The key is certainly the easiest way, if not the only way, to get out of your device once you are locked into it. Who has the key is what makes this journey interesting.

Key Holder

As a Key Holder (KH), you have a lot of power. You literally hold the key to somebody's dick. Once in chastity, the wearer cannot get a full erection. He can't jerk off. In many cases, he can't even piss standing up. The wearer isn't just in the device when you are around. He's in it all the time. He's constantly reminded of wearing it throughout the day. Whether at work or at the gym or at a bar. Anywhere, everywhere.

You should respect the power you have and be sure boundaries are set before taking possession of the key. As the Key Holder, you are the dominant one in the Key Holder/wearer relationship. The wearer of the chastity device is now submissive to you. This applies whether you are life partners, in a M&s relationship, friends, or even strangers. You are in control but should respect limits.


The first element of control is determining how long the wearer will be in the chastity device. It can be just a few minutes to hours to days to months. Or even years or intervals of time. Lots of choices. Here's a few to think about:

  • Mutually Agreed - the amount of time in chastity is agreed upon by the KH and wearer prior to the lock up
  • Key Holder Determined - the KH exclusively determines length of time in chastity
  • Max Specified - The KH determines the time in chastity up to a mutually agreed maximum. KH can decide to let the wearer out early or out for short periods
  • Conditions Met - The KH will only unlock the wearer's device if the wearer has met conditions set by the KH. These can be tasks, chores, behaviors, attitude changes, etc.
  • Random - The time in chastity is not predetermined prior to the lock up. The amount of time is chosen at random, either through a game of chance (spin the chastity wheel[ext]) or some other means


A Key Holder may choose to just simply hold the key for the duration agreed upon. But making the wearer work for his freedom is more fun. Additionally, it can train him to have better behaviors. Even to be a better person. Take the opportunity to exert your dominance and place him into submission.

Getting Out

At the appointed time, it's time to set your boy free. It's a big moment for him, especially if his dick has been locked up for some time. Remember, he hasn't touched it, jerked off, had sex (as a top), pissed normally, or even showered the same since he's been in his device.

As the wearer, you've been waiting to get out of your device almost as soon as it was put on. Both physiologically and physically, the moment might feel strange at first. But soon you will be jerking away. Until the next time... Once you've gone chaste, you always go back...

Self Locking

There are ways to experience chastity living even if you don't have a Key Holder. While it may not be as much of a thrill, it can still get the job done - that is locking away your dick. Here are some self locking ideas:

  • Online key holding sites. For example, you lock the keys in a lock box. Set the combination to random number and upload pics to the website. The website will email you combo after a set amount of time, being a virtual KH. The trick is to get the pics uploaded without seeing the combination. There are variations available.
  • Mailing the keys. Mail the keys to yourself or some other place. You know you won't be able to get out until the mail arrives or until you go to the location where the mail was sent.
  • Give the keys a vacation. Deliberately "forget" a bag containing the keys in a friends place or car that you know is going on vacation. You know you can't get the keys back until your friend gets back. (Of course you shouldn't have access to the place or car while the friend is gone.)
  • Freeze the keys. Freeze the keys in large size container. Defrosting them will take time.
  • Forget the keys at the office. Leave the keys at the office and do not take home with you. You're not likely to take off the device at work.

Use your creativity. And no cheating. Don't keep a key "just in case." Make it real. Make it count.

– Chastity Life[1]


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