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Key holder

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The keyholder in the sadomasochistic sexual practice is someone who holds the key to a penis cage or chastity belt.

If someone is wearing a penis cage or chastity belt as a fetish[wp], then a key holder provides the necessary self-discipline because the key is not freely available and must be actively reclaimed.

In contrast, the BDSM roll-play is about external control. The active partner takes the sexual control of the passive partner.

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  • Youtube-link-icon.svg "MA - Chastity", Part 1, 2, 3 - Mistress Angelica (April 24-28, 2017) (Size: 9:44+7:59+10:46 min.)
    A female key holder talking about chastity devices, male chastity, and key holding.
    • Part one discusses what she gets from putting her slaves into chastity and what devices are available and how and when she uses them.
    • In part two she talks about how she trains her slaves into chastity and what safety aspects have to be considered.
    • In the final part of the trilogy, she discusses long-term chastity.