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Mermaid Melissa

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Mermaid Melissa.jpg
Born 1981/1982 (age 39–40)
Occupation Artist, Biologist
URL mermaidmelissa.com
Mermaid Melissa swimming

Mermaid Melissa (born as Melissa Dawn) is so obsessed with the mythical creatures she has legally changed her name in 2013. The aquatic performer does not go a day without donning her tail and has learned to hold her breath for five minutes. Inspired by Disney's The Little Mermaid[wp], Melissa has an avid online following and can be hired for special events.[1]

Since 2007, Melissa has run her own mermaid mini-empire. What started as her offering to perform at children's parties has since expanded into a fully-staffed "mermaiding troupe" that puts on shows all over the world, and an arsenal of five custom-made mermaid performance tanks that are rented out frequently for private parties.[2]


Quote: «I identify myself as a businesswoman with a mission statement of promoting ocean education through underwater entertainment. For me, my mermaid persona is an escape from the norm - it makes me feel like Clark Kent[wp] transforming into Superman[2]
Quote: «Some girls collect shoes or fancy jewelry; I collect mermaid tails.»[2]
Quote: «Children want to believe in the magic and I hope to keep that dream alive for them.»[1]
Quote: «My love for marine life and protecting the ocean is what lead me to it.»[1]
A real-life mermaid is making waves after legally changing her name and turning her passion for the mythical creatures into a full scale business
Mermaid Melissa, born Melissa Dawn, has been an aquatic performer for the past 10 years and now has an avid following with over one hundred million views on YouTube
Since achieving her dream of becoming a PADI-certified professional free-diver in 2005, the blonde has learnt to hold her breath underwater for an impressive five minutes
Growing up in costal Saint Augustine in Florida, USA, the natural water baby could stay underwater for two and a half minutes by the age of 12
Melissa is joined by her fellow mermaid friends in the sea - each with their own bespoke, colourful tails



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