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A Mermaid[wp] (1900)
Little Mermaid[wp] statue in Copenhagen (1913)

A mermaid is a mythical marine creature that has the appearance of a (naked) woman down to the waist and a fish's tail below the waist. The word comes from mer (sea) + maid. The male counterpart is a klabautermann[wp].

The idea probably arose from sailors seeing marine creatures and fantasising that they were women, or at least partly women.

Swimming like a mermaid[1]


  1. "Swimming as a Mermaid is a truly incredible experience. Enhancing Mind, Body and Spirit, through being a real life Mermaid. Encouraging everyone to feel good about them selves, exercising in a fun, fantastic environment, wearing a beautiful tail." - Mayim Mermaid Academy

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Mermaid on the beach
Latex Mermaid
Captured Mermaid

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