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Mermaid suit

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Woman in blue Mermaid suit
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A mermaid suit is a zentai[wp] with only one leg. The wearer's legs are thus held together as in a mermaid's tail.

In use, the leg bondage may be reinforced by ropes, a leg sheath[wipi] or other SM equipment[wipi] over or under the suit. However, purists object to this as it is thought to spoil the sleek look of the trapped legs.

Zentai Mermaid


The mermaid dress is an elegant evening dress, contrary to the mermaid suit, which is worn to festive occasions. It ends with the hobble skirt on the ankle, so that (even if small) steps are possible. The mermaid suit, however, also covers the feet. There are three types of mermaid suits:

  • In the swimming suit, the tail is formed into a swimfin[wp]. This allows you to swim like a fish.
  • In the bondage suit, the tail does not fit into a swim fin, but holds the feet stretched like a ballet boot.
  • The play suit is a variant of the whole bodysuit, but only with one foot part. It is neither suitable for swimming nor does it exhibit special fetal properties. The freedom of movement is similar to that of sack race[wp].


Regular one-piece swimsuit
Swimsuit - Model Marina
Swimsuit - Mermaid

Bondage suit

Wrapped in a usual body bag
Mermaid on the dry


Bodysuit Zentai
Mermaid suit Zentai

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