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Predicament bondage

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Drawing by Robert Bishop[wipi] showing a girl in a predicament bondage pose.
A man in a difficult bondage position stands with his toes on a dumbbell, while his genital is tied to the back and attached to the ceiling. In addition, his arms are tied to the back in a strappado position. If he now wants to relieve himself by descending from the dumbbell to the flat floor, his genital is painfully pulled upwards.

Predicament bondage is the art of restraining a captive in such a way that there is a limited number of positions that they can adopt (usually two). Each of these positions is so uncomfortable or even painful[wipi] that they will shift their weight or position. Upon doing so, they place themselves in the other equally uncomfortable position. The captive will try over and over again to find a position that will bring them comfort, but to no avail.

For example, someone may be tied so that they are forced to stand on tiptoes. An attempt to stand with feet flat on the ground means that their genitals, which are also tightly bound, will be slowly pulled. Eventually, the foot muscles will tire, and they will no longer be able to stand on tiptoe.

A very mild form of predicament bondage is to make someone wear a very tight corset and uncomfortable shoes[wipi]. If they stand up, their feet hurt; if they sit down, the corset gets more uncomfortable.

This type of bondage is used in BDSM and power exchange play.

Safety issues

There can be safety issues with predicament bondage. The captor not only needs to consider the mechanics of the predicament that they are placing their captive in, but also what will happen should the captive faint or become too weak to support themselves. Specifically, the captive needs to consider how to release the captive unaided should they faint and if they faint or are unable to support themselves will they cause injury to themselves.

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Predicament bondage is type of bondage in which the intent is to place the bound person in an awkward, difficult, inconvenient, or uncomfortable situation, or to set out a challenge for the bound person to overcome.

A person might be bound and told to hold a weight in his or her teeth attached to a line connected to nipple clamps in such a way that if he or she drops the weight, it will suddenly yank off the nipple clamps, then be spanked or tickled in an attempt to get him or her to drop the weight.[2]

An example of predicament bondage with two positions
A lady in Predicament bondage - she is forced to uncomfortably stand on her toes to prevent the metallic hook from inserting further into her vagina

Predicament bondage is a form of bondage, typically in which a person is restrained with an option of placing themself in one of a pair of uncomfortable positions, which are sufficiently uncomfortable that the person is forced to shift after a time to the other position. The default position is typically intended to cause muscle fatigue[wp], such as standing on tiptoe[wp], which forces the subject to choose a more physically painful[wipi] position, for example letting themselves lower their weight and stand regularly while forcing a rope attached to their genitals to pull taut and cause pain.[3][4] Predicament bondage can also involve the use of a single position in which remaining still will not cause any discomfort for the subject, but moving their body will pull on ropes, weights or other devices meant to cause them pain. The subject may then be tickled, sexually pleasured or otherwise enticed to move uncontrollably.[4]

When performed with multiple submissive participants, a predicament bondage scenario may force one to choose a position that causes pain to the other whom they know and love. The dilemma[wp] of being able to spare a loved one pain by submitting to pain, or sparing oneself from pain by submitting another to it, is used in BDSM and power exchange play.[3][5][6]

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