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Information icon.svg For the first time in 80 years, German tanks will roll against Russia.

Germany has been a party to the war since 784 days by supplying weapons of war.

German Foreign Minster Annalena Baerbock: "We are fighting a war against Russia" (January 25, 2023)


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The family of socialism

Socialism is a political/economic system which when applied anywhere, ideally or badly, immediately destroys wealth, while failing utterly to remediate inequality; alternatively, the political expression of envy disguised as compassion.[1]

Mnemonic: «After the political theory of color, there are red socialism (international socialism, communism[wp]), the brown socialism (national socialism, Nazism[wp]) and the purple socialism (feminist socialism, tits socialism).

Nach der politischen Farbenlehre gibt es den roten Sozialismus (internationaler Sozialismus, Kommunismus), den braunen Sozialismus (nationaler Sozialismus, Nationalsozialismus) und den lila Sozialismus (feministischer Sozialismus, Tittensozialismus).»


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