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Symposium Genital Autonomy

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The Symposium on "Genital autonomy: physical integrity, freedom from religion and sexual self-determination - from theory to practice" (in German: "Genitale Autonomie: Körperliche Unversehrtheit, Religionsfreiheit und sexuelle Selbstbestimmung - von der Theorie zur Praxis") was organized on 6 May 2014 as a kick-off event for the WWDOGA 2014 by MOGiS e.V. and Pro Familia NRW in the University of Cologne.

The following speakers contributions were held:


  1. Prof. Dr. Jörg Fegert: List of the Speeches
  2. Prof. Dr. Maximilian Stehr: List of the Speeches
  3. Prof. Dr. Matthias Franz: List of the Speeches
  4. Dr. Matthias Schreiber: List of the Speeches
  5. Prof. Dr. Tobe Levin: List of the Speeches
  6. Hans-Joachim Lenz: List of the Speeches
  7. Dr. Jörg Scheinfeld: List of the Speeches
  8. Michael Ingber: List of the Speeches
  9. Dr. Jérôme Segal: List of the Speeches
  10. Dr. Christoph Kupferschmid: List of the Speeches

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