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The 10 Circles of Vagina Defense

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The 10 Circles of Vagina Defense is an essay by Alex Undersky[tiw] about how women guard their vagina.[1]

10 Circles of Vagina Defense

10 Circles of Vagina Defense

Feminists and leftists like to use a psychological warfare[wp] against incels, based on a conscious reduction of the meaning of sex, in order to expose the incels as sexual maniacs who cannot live without sex. Is it so? Of course not. It's just the opposite. Incels require the simplest and most easily attainable thing: sex. Sex is the simplest action that people can do to get joy, happiness, strength, healing, comfort, love. No money, no state permission, or special conditions are needed for this, you can do this even on the street.

But it was women who complicated this to an absurd degree, having built 10 impregnable lines of defense around their vaginas. If sex is so insignificant and inconsequential why have women built insurmountable circles of defense around their vaginas? Let's look at these circles that a man must overcome in order to get sex.

1. Money

A man should have a lot of money. The following is required both for basic dating:

  • pay for registration on a dating site,
  • pay for a girl's lunch in a cafe,
  • pay for a trip with a girl to the cinema, etc.,
  • pay for large expenses: for gifts, birthdays, onlyfans, wishlists, iPhones, etc.

If a guy does not have money, and it can be either a poor student or a person who has lost his job under capitalism, who has not been able to get a well-paid job, then this guy is not interesting for girls. This is stupid because money is absolutely not needed for sex.

2. An Apartment

A man should have his own apartment. If the guy lives with his parents, women do not consider him deserving of sex. How should a poor man buy an apartment under capitalism? Under socialism, the state gives everyone apartments for free. Today there is no such thing. And if a guy is not lucky to get a well-paid job, and he is not the son of a prosecutor, a corrupt official or an oligarch, he will most likely not have his own home. And this means that he will not have sex.

Why do I need an apartment for sex? Of course, it is much better to have sex in your apartment.

But in the old years, the young had sex and generally slept behind a curtain in a common room, where there lived an entire family of 12 or more people people, or in the room of a communal apartment, where there were plywood partitions and everything was heard, everyone knew everything about their neighbors.

There were couples, there were families, people lived happily, and they treated each other much better, there was not as much anger, hatred, etc as now. Girls understood that poverty could not be overcome so easily, and that men needed sex. Now the girls have become vaginocapitalists[tiw] and use their vagina as a means of extracting profit from men.

3. A Large Machine

In the old years, there was a common saying: "a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation".

Now, under capitalism, the car has become just a show off, they buy it for status, and in order to have sex, because girls refuse sex to guys who don't have a car. If a man older than 30 does not have a car, women do not consider him a person at all. For the sake of show off and access to sex, men are forced to drive to work by car, even if they live a kilometer from the place of work.

Because of these show-offs, the whole city is in traffic jams, and normal people cannot get anywhere by public transport. The rich sons of officials and prosecutors use their father's huge SUVs to collect girls on the streets and fuck them in bundles in the back seats. Girls practically turned into "Pavlov's dogs"[wp] with an unconditioned reflex: see a big car - you have to fuck the man in the back seat, give it to him on his first date! Do you really need a car for sex? Of course not. This is a manifestation of consumerism, individualism and selfishness on the part of women, their primitive bestial low-mindedness.

4. Work

In order to get sex, a man must have not just a job, but a well-paid job with career prospects. Women do not care that under capitalism, work is not a right, but a privilege. Career advancement is obtained by licking the boots of boomers, it is they who increase and promote, and those who rebel and defend their labor rights are dismissed and oppressed. And there are the "left-wing" feminists, who, for any convenient reason, begin to stigmatize the man who lost his job for one reason or another as a "lazy person," "parasite,", "deadbeat dad" etc and tells him to, "get a job". Moreover, what is interesting: the more a man works, the less time and energy he has left for relationships and sex. If he is not married, then prostitution is practically the only way out for a man, because there is simply no time to look for and find a girl for sex: you need to work. As a result, the most hard working men are completely removed from normal sex life. Their life is built according to the routine home-work-home-work. And they remain lonely sometimes up to 40-50 years.

5. A Beautiful Face

Often not being beautiful themselves and hiding their face in social networks behind image filters (dog noses etc), girls necessarily require that the guy have a beautiful face like that of a Hollywood star. **But for sex, the face does not play a role at all!** The penis and vagina look approximately the same in all people of respective gender, it is these organs that are needed for sex. As for the face, it takes only 15 minutes to get over an ugly face, and this was established by psychologists, people get used to each other, ugly features are smoothed out, the subconscious intuitively searches for the face of a friend (and lover) !) **So women simply do not have enough love, which is why they consider only 20% of men attractive.** But men according to statistics consider 80% of girls attractive. If a man discriminates against a woman depending on beauty, feminists always call it "misogyny" (a ridiculous term) and condemn it. If a woman discriminates against a man depending on the same thing - this is instead called "Darwinism", "correct sexual selection", "cleaning the gene pool", "finding Mr. right", or "eliminating bad genes". Duplicity and hypocrisy, double standards of women and society are evident.

6. Muscle

Girls demand that a man have an athletic physique. If the man is not a jerk, then he must be with sculptured with muscles, abs, he be able to lift anything. Let's take an objective look, can everyone have such musculature? Of course not. Especially those guys who are serious about studying, or engaged in science or creativity, they just do not have time to hang around in the gym hours. In addition, the gym is too stupid for those who are accustomed to think with their heads and not their muscles. But for girls there is nothing sexier than biceps in stupid jerks. Do you need huge muscles for sex? **Absolutely not needed**. On the contrary, many men become impotent due to the chemistry that is contained in steroids. Instead, nutrition, and engaging in moderate physical activity, can show much better results, in real life and in sex.

But stupid women who see only a book cover do not understand this.

7. Weight

Fat men more often than others suffer from loneliness and inability to access sex. There is a vicious cycle: they get fat due to stress from lack of sex, and then try to relieve stress with the help of sweets, or in their body there is a hormonal failure due to hormonal crisis caused by prolonged forced abstinence. If fat guys had sex, they would be very likely to lose weight, because the cause of overeating and stress would disappear and the hormonal status of the body would level out.

But there is no sex and they get fat even more. And the girls call them fat and ignore them. Does excess weight interfere with sex? To some extent, but if you start having sex, then the excess weight will disappear and you will become very sexy and fit.

Feminists stigmatize those men who discriminate against women on the basis of their excess weight and urge women to accept their body as it is. They call it, "body positivity". But if women themselves discriminate against a man due to his excess weight - then everything is fine, he needs it, a fat bastard! Another hypocrisy and double standard.

8. Mental Stability

We are not talking about people with severe mental disabilities. The overwhelming majority of modern people have insignificant mental problems, such is modern life with its stresses generating neuroses, complexes, and insignificant accentuation of character. What is significant is the presence of mental abnormalities in women. This is not noticed by many. If a woman becomes hysterical for any reason: hits dishes, screams, creates scandals, in most cases this is perceived as normal female behavior. It is generally not considered a mental disorder. Some women have been diagnosed with such disorders as manic-depressive psychosis (bipolar disorder), autism, dementia etc. For a woman, all these labels are forgiven and they are not considered a disadvantage. But if a man has even the slightest deviation from the abstract "norm", he will immediately be branded as a "schizophrenic", "Sick", "crazy" and not a single woman would come close to him. If men discriminate against a woman on the basis of the presence of her mental flaws, the feminists call it ableism and condemn it. Feminist organizations and the state creates special jobs, quotas in state institutions and in private business, and government assistance programs for women with mental disorders. If a woman discriminates against a man on the basis of a mental disorder, then this is considered normal.

Do mental disorders interfere with sex? In most cases, no. On the contrary, sex promotes healing from mental disorders. And from the point of view of psychoanalysis, the main reason for the appearance of mental disorders is the lack of sex in a man.

As psychologists note, all discoveries and inventions are made by people who stand out from the gray mass. Gogol, Leo Tolstoy, Yesenin, Maxim Gorky, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Lermontov, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Einstein, Newton - these and many other brilliant people suffered from one or another mental disorder. If women continue their monstrous discrimination against these types, all talented people will simply die out and there will be one dull gray mass.

9. Appearance and Clothing

For women, the content is absolutely not important, the wrapper is what is important. The more beautiful and more expensively dressed a man, the more likely he is to please girls and get sex. Today, wives require a man to be an ornament. Women require men to spend a lot of time and money on their hairstyle, as if the hairstyle is somehow involved in the process of sex.

To please girls, a guy must constantly buy new clothes, he must have a sea of pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, etc. Because if he walks in the same practical, clean and comfortable clothes, he will be branded a disgrace, and also called a "rogue." Like many other things, women look at clothes only in terms of show-offs: what brand, what price. And if the guy dresses poorly, not fashionable, then he will not get sex. But clothes are generally not needed during sex.

Another line of defense of their vagina by women is forcing men to spend tons of money on useless and unnecessary clothes, which leads to global overproduction and environmental crises. Tons of unwanted clothes are thrown into landfills and burned in incinerators.

10. Penis Size

This factor would not have deserved mention at all if not for all the suicides of the guys who were suffering from penis discrimination from women. It is a common belief that girls require guys to have a member almost 25 cm long. This is constantly being circulated in women's forums and social networks. Women come up with insulting nicknames to men of the "finely divided" type. In fact, for sex, it is not so much the length that matters as the thickness of the penis, and the thickness of the penis in all men is about the same (as is the length for that matter). And all the claims that women make about this are actually false, it's just a way to humiliate a man. This is a manifestation of cynicism, cruelty and callousness and, bitchiness of the vaginocapitalists, who in sex, as a rule, are capable of only one sexual pose: the pose of a log:


In the above 10 circles of the vagina's defense, there was no consideration of qualities of men such as: honor, decency, courage, integrity, morality, spirituality, and a rich inner world. All these qualities for women matter only in connection with the circles of defense listed above: If the mind helps to earn a lot of money, then such a mind or talent is appreciated. If it's a talented mathematician who proved a theorem for which no one was paid, or a writer who wrote a novel that no one publishes, then women don't need such intelligence and talent. They say: "If you are so smart, why you are so poor, and they go to have sex with a Caucasian merchant or with an owner of yacht, who are considered" smart".

It is impossible to overcome this system of defense of the vagina built by the vaginocapitalists without a revolutionary change in the social, political and economic structure. Calls for morality do not apply to women. And this means that society, humanity as a whole, will continue to follow the path of reverse sexual selection, in which only the most degenerate people in terms of morality and intellect breed.

In the beautiful world of the future, all these false criteria of male "success" will not be important. A man will be appreciated because he is a man, because he simply is, and especially because he is smart, talented, honest, sincere, fair. And every man will have sex, regardless of appearance, and not from the amount of money a man has.
- Alex Undersky[tiw][2]

Quote: «Alex Undersky, aka Alex Podnebesny, is the leader of most (all?) Russian incel sites and political parties.

He is an environmental activist from Nizhny Novgorod. He was arrested this year for calling women 'anti-people' and 'vaginocapitalists[tiw].' (Jonny Tickle)»[3]

Quote: «In case you wondered if Russia has incels...

An activist from Nizhny Novgorod, Alexei of the Celestial Empire, arrested in which he called women 'anti-people' and 'vaginocapitalists.'»[4]


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This article based on an article The 10 Circles of Vagina Defense from, June 14, 2020.
This article based on an article The 10 Circles of Vagina Defense from Misogywiki, June 18, 2020.