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Alpha female

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An alpha female is a woman who possesses strong leadership qualities such as courage and confidence. Joan of Arc[wp] might be considered a historical example.

Due to differences between the sexes however, a woman who is too headstrong or outspoken becomes perceived as too masculine and therefore less attractive to men. Successful and wealthy men are generally known to prefer marrying "girl next door" type of women over ambitious "career women", the later of whom tend to have more trouble finding successful relationships; this phenomena is not the case with men however.

As is also the case with poser males, some women mistake swearing, sass, and talking loud for possessing genuine alpha qualities; this behavior however generally causes these women to be regarded as hos and skanks rather than "empowered females" by feminine women and masculine men, leaving them undesirable (except as a potential booty call provided they have a somewhat attractive physique). Beta males however sometimes settle for women like this due to lack of ability to attract desirable women, as well as possible mommy issues (as many beta males are the product of domineering single moms, they subconsciously seek out this familiar environment in their mating partners).

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